Operating cost of the Yucaipa Valley Conservancy are very low (less than $100 per year), which is because board members are all volunteers providing their time and services for free. Consequently almost all monetary donations go towards purchasing real estate of areas in the Yucaipa Valley that have the potential to make a positive environmental impact.

Donations of real estate are evaluated for their suitability for protection (e.g., their vicinity to existing protected areas or their level of biodiversity) and accordingly either joined with exiting parcels or traded with lots that are more suitable. In any case and because gifts to the Yucaipa Valley Conservancy are deductible from your taxes (YVC is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization) donations to the Conservancy make a huge impact.

Real Estate or Funds

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, either in form of a real estate property or some monetary funds, please contact our president.

Any donation donation is very much appreciated!


If you have knowledge of vacant parcels which are for sale or up for trade, that have the potential to be used for our conservation efforts please let us know and we will follow your lead. Often times land that is not that great for development is prefect for conservation, for instance, because a property has steep slopes, is close to vegetation that is considered a fire hazard, or because a parcel is located in a flood plain. – Your help in this context is very much appreciated!

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