The overall mission of the Yucaipa Valley Conservancy is the active preservation and stewardship of the Yucaipa Valley for future generations. In the context of the YVC’s Vision for Yucaipa, the focus is on the environment and open space. Below are a number of individual mission statements:

  • Preserve and extend the network of existing open space in the greater Yucaipa Valley region wherever this makes sense and is feasible.
  • Promote multi-purpose trails as a connection between parks, open space, outdoor activity centers, residential areas, and schools
  • Educate the public about the existing system of public open spaces, regional history, and the local natural fauna and flora.

  • Organize or co-organize community events that promote the values and goals of the YVC.
  • Solicit monetary and land donations and use the land or the proceeds to acquire open space that can be used to extend the existing open space framework or as mitigation for the city.
  • Support other community groups that share compatible values and visions.
  • Coordinate and work with local government to achieve the goals set forth in the YVC’s vision statement.
  • Prevent urban sprawl and the selling out of land in the Yucaipa Valley for pure profit and with a disregard to Yucaipa’s values and priorities as outline in the General Plan of the City of Yucaipa.
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