A group of concerned citizens in Yucaipa wanted to do something to protect the land from the way the rest of Southern California was developing. They looked at other cities with their growth and loss of open space and did not want that to happen to Yucaipa. Yucaipa sits up against the San Bernardino Mountians with views of the great ridges and peaks. To the west, the vistas of the Inland Empire and the growing cities were spread out before them.

They worked with another conservancy to get a 501C3 set up so they could start working to save the open spaces they loved. They started with the Wildwood Canyon area that was slated to be a large housing tract. Through the hard work and diligence of this group, they were able to save the land that has become Wildwood Canyon State Park. They worked together to find land as it came available to purchase and save as open space. The city was happy to have land donated to them for open space.

The City uses the Conservancy to look at development and help establish open space. We have also help them in their obtaining grants for projects with open space. Many of the original members have past on, but the work they did will be with us forever.

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