• Red tailed deer taking a break from grazing and glancing at hikers passing by
  • A group of equestrians enjoying one of the many multi-purpose trails in the area
  • A colorful fall sunset in a residential neighborhood in Yucaipa
  • A hummingbird resting up high on a twig
  • A chipmunk warming up under the spring sun on a rock
  • View from Crafton Hills over Yucaipa towards Wildwood Canyon and Oak Glen
  • View of the snow covered San Bernardino Peak from Crafton Hills
  • San Bernardino Mountain Range from across the Yucaipa Valley
  • Yucaipa Adobe, also known as Sepulveda or Dunlap Adobe
  • Flag Hill Park in full bloom
  • San Bernardino Peak from Pendleton Road in Yucaipa
  • A flock of birds resting in a tree
  • The monument in Flag Hill Park in Yucaipa with the San Bernardino Mountains
  • View of the San Bernardino Mountain Range from across the Yucaipa Valley


In the spring of 1999, a handful of Yucaipa residents joined to form the Yucaipa Valley Conservancy (YVC). This group of enthusiasts realized early on that without appropriate protection, grassroots organization, and careful planning, Yucaipa would soon lose its natural charm and astonishing beauty like so many other cities in the Inland Empire.

The goal of YVC is, therefore, to preserve Yucaipa’s pristine natural environment as well as the area’s historical artifacts so that they can be enjoyed by the community and many generations of Yucaipians to come.

This website as created for the greater Yucaipa Valley, its citizens, visitors, and people passing through. You will find information about the vision, mission, and history of the YVC, projects that YVC has initiated, sponsored or participate, and if you would like to become a fellow steward of our local resources, we will show you how you can help and contribute so that Yucaipa maintains its status as the pearl of the inland empire.Enjoy!

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