Greater Vision for Yucaipa and the Yucaipa Valley

The Yucaipa Valley is different from other areas in the Inland Empire in that it succeeded to establish a sustainable balance between urban development and protecting the environment, its local history, the natural resources and beauty that residents and visitors come to enjoy. Surrounded by mountain ranges and hills the Yucaipa Valley is sheltered from many adverse effects of urbanization to the West and East, which together with the celebrated rural way of life is a major draw for people who move to Yucaipa.

Yucaipians are proud of their town, a community that values a good quality of life in harmony with the environment, where residents are respecting each other’s viewpoints and savor a diverse ecological atmosphere. Yucaipa is a community of volunteers and community activities play an important role in the day to day life of the city. The participation of residents on many levels in the community leads to an integrated and well informed population that is connected and involved in matters that pertain to governing the city. Consequently decisions and actions of the local government are well understood and widely supported.


While change and growth are inevitable, Yucaipa has found a sustainable and smart path to adapt and transform that benefits the entire community, including residents, visitors, and business, who can rely on a faithful local customer base. A green belt of open space and undeveloped land, -the so called Emerald Neckless-, is an integral part of the community as it hosts an interconnected network of multi–use trails that links parks, open space, outdoor activity centers, with residential areas and schools.

The easy accessibility of natural spaces promotes not only healthy living but also creates a deep sense of belonging and respect for the beautiful place that we live in. Maintaining our core values and protecting natural and historical treasures will not only allow many future generations of residents to enjoy the Yucaipa Valley but it will also make sure that Yucaipa will stay the model community for neighboring towns that it is today.

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